Mia & Friends

Life is more than a journey, I like to see it as a colourful tapestry. In my journey I feel fortunate to have met and meet so many wise persons who every day teach me a little bit more about life, about who I am and where I want to go.

Here I would like to introduce you to some of these places and persons who have helped me to bring out and refine my colours. They are many more, and there are of course many more encounters to come.
Thanks to all travellers, teachers, friends and family, near and far.


Infinite gratitud to my teachers
  • Zaira Leal: Dear master teacher and mentor of mine, pure light, published author, certified Anusara- and Bowspring Yoga Teacher. www.zairaleal.com
  • Ashley Ludman: A shining star of love and acceptance on my way, creative teacher, life coach and writer with multiple facets. www.ashleyludman.com
  • Gaby Zermeño: Certified Anusara Yoga teacher, and another light on my way (through Mexico) www.premayoga.com.mx
  • Benita Galvan: Colorful certified Anusara Yoga Teacher who I trained with in Mexico.www.heartcoreyoga.com
  • Jeff Fisher: Another amazing Anusara teacher who left his teachings and beautiful light in me and so many others around the globe.
  • Caroline Klebl: Master of classic Yoga philosophy – who I took my first deep practice with in Ashtanga Yoga. www.sourceofyoga.com

Other gratitudes

There are so many people I would like to give my Thanks to, and/or suggest YOU ALL to meet or practice with, above a few of them, below some of the places and people who have given me the opportunity to collaboration, studies, work and practice in Mallorca, Central America, Austria and Sweden.


Special thanks to

  • Flavia Gargiulo: Exceptional designer and creator of Miaeyoga’s logo, as well as the design of the campaign ConscienciAgua. www.flaviagargiulo.com
  • Kiko Pizá: Industrial and graphic designer, who co-working with Sandra González, helped me to make this website real. www.kikopiza.com
  • Natalia Baumgartner – soulfriend, ideamaker, and author of some of the photos on the web and many of the pictures for social media.
  • Beàta Czifrik – incredible friend and creator of the Miaeyoga Necklace.