Everything changes

Truth is, in these times and always, that Everything changes, Everything Will change! The most important thing when we are going through uncertain and challenging times, is to stay in our center. Being in your center, means to not float away with what is happening around you, not to attach to the external things, not to stick to your thoughts and to what comes and go. It means to listen to your breath, move consciously, and to give to your body-mind what it needs for heath and well being. Your center is love, light and wisdom. Fears do exist and they are part of being a human, but when fear inhabits you, when you let it guide you, you will not see clearly you will feel blocked, and out of your center.

What is your greatest fear? Recognizing your fears, you will also know what are your greatest potentials. Everything can transform. Without the darkness we wouldn’t see the stars. and in the same way, without dealing with your fears you will not be able to develop your strong sides, your creativity, your beauty, your capacity to sustain yourself and create the healthy conditions for a harmonious life!

Remember, you are not alone. We are all in this together!

I propose a virtual space where we can keep connecting, to accompany each other, sharing support and confidence.

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Picture: Saffu on Unsplash


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