Autumn News – and asking for Peace

Photgraphs tend to be a super exposure of the photpgrapher, in the same way that writings are reflections of the writer. What you chose to say, or write or picture, is not only a mirror of you, but is also part of the creation of yourself and your reality. Where we put our attention, that will grow. It has also been studied, that what a certain percentage of the population chose to put their attention into, not only effect them, but also their surroundings. Through Transcendental Meditation, e.g., in conflict-areas, it has been proved that accidents, shootings and violence have decreased during the meditation, and increased again when meditation was interrupted. It is therefor crucial in our times, I believe, that we are aware where we put our attention. 

So is the inside so is the outside…
It would make a change I believe, if we make the commitment to daily dedicate a moment on counscious meditation for peace.

The world is upside down these days in many ways. 
I have chosen to support different projects in Mexico after the earthquakes in September.

12 October 20.30, ‘Ashram Paco’, c/Josep Villalonga 47, 2, Palma. 
During this fall I will organize a few donation-based classes, where the money collected will go to smaller organizations in MXCD or Oaxaca. This Thursday 12th at 20.30 the first class for Mexico will be held. Any donations will go directly to a friends project, he is coordinating volunteers who are rebuilding a church in Tepalcingo, Morelos, and they need economic support for the material and supplies.
 More about this project here>
I am also in contact with yoguinis in Mexico who will help to bring any donations in good and needed hands. 

If you would like to support Mexico from where you are, there are different ways:
Mexican Red Cross: 
Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna’s united support for the victims>
Topos de Tlatelolco
Topos is a professional non-profit Mexican rescue team.
Directly via Miaeyoga to yoguinis who are working in MXCD and Cuernavaca.
Paypal  – please mark your payment Mexico

And last but not least, lets be aware where we put our attention, lets meditate for strength for those who are suffering and struggling, send our love and support their way. It matters. 

Big hugs from Mallorca!



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