Big Beautiful Words

«The evolution of our spirit only happens when we relate to another spirit.»

«When we can stop the fluctuations of our mind, when we get out of our own way, only then can we be in our true nature, without attaching to identity patterns that keep back our evolution.»

Sometimes I re-read my notes from former courses, classes or workshops. So many big, beautiful words. Often times it’s not easy to relate to them, to let them be a part of my daily life.

In last Sunday’s class we talked about Yoga and Action. That is what the Bhagadvadgita* is about: Karma Yoga, the yoga of action. Take action doesn’t have to mean to take side in a conflict, but to pronounce our opinion and act in accordance to that. Today I am posting the picture of a legendary master who showed us that through action change happens. Through our breath, change happens. We need a change in our mind-set, or that is what Desmond Tutu talks about in his article about the conflict between Israel and Palestina (that I posted in the fb-group a few days ago). Whatever we do, lets act with love.

Where there is love there is no fear, and where there is no fear there is no anger.

Big beautiful words.

Get out of your own way, reflect yourself in the person next to you on the morning bus. The evolution of our spirit only occurs when we relate to another spirit, may it be the spirit of a master who passed away, of your lover, your enemy, of a tree or of a place. To stop the fluctuations of our mind, doesn’t mean we have to retreat from the world and be alone meditating for years; the easiest way to slow down our thoughts is to let them be; as clouds passing by on the sky. Just letting them be, without imagining figures or trying to hold on to the shade. To let be, and to let go, is not a passive quality in our practice, it needs willpower to be able to let things go. And it comes always back to the breath: inhale the new, exhale and allow those things that don’t serve you anymore, to let go. Take action: inhale, exhale and surrender into something bigger than our words.

*Bhagadvadita is part of the hinduist epic text Majabharata, and considered a sacred script, with great importance for the evolution of Yoga.


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