Boost your immune system

When we are stepping into fall after a summer that for many of you has been different, I would like to share some Ayurvedic/Yogic tips to stay centered and energized through these times:

  • when we change season, it is always healthy to do a cleanse, and also to boost your immune system: 
    • 70% of our immune system is actually in the intestines, therefore it is crucial to have a healthy intestinal flora. You may refill your body with good bacteria and probiotic fibers through fermented and raw veggies and fruit, and/or via a probiotica supplement. 
    • yoga reduces inflammation and stimulates the lymphatic system; so yoga also strengthens our immune system.
    • prioritize sleep and give yourself and your loved ones more time. 
    • green juices with chlorella, spirulina and koriander helps to eliminate toxic metals in the body and are energizing when daylight gets shorter.
    • warm ginger water is smoothing for throat and respiratory system and prevents inflammation.

How are you experiencing the season shift? What are your needs right now and how do you find time and space for them and for yourself? 
I would be pleased to connect and offer support through life coaching, breathwork or yoga. All are powerful tools to reach, understand and shift patterns, to find balance, stress relief and center. Set up a free first appointment and we can together find out a suitable practice or guidance for you.

Bowspringinspired Yoga
I offer one to one sessions – for those of you who want a personalized practice on a certain time that suits you! We can work with posture, flow and body awareness, breath, meditation, conscious movement, strength, balance… focusing on your needs!

Also see PDF for group classes!

Life Coaching
Private sessions to work with Your NOW. Coaching means movement – in the direction that you chose! My approach is holistic, so we can use tools such as visualization, breath, relaxation, stress relief and body awareness, together with the coaching tools that include listening, questioning, answering, discovering for your self your intentions and potentials. Sometimes it is necessary to observe old patterns to be able to let go of them and welcome new ways of being – with yourself and others! Coaching supports you in your present moment and on your way!

One to one sessions – Your breath as tool to reach deeper layers of yourself, release tensions and let go of thought patterns and old belief systems. We use different classic Pranayama as well as Wim Hof basic technics and Breathwork.

Also see PDF for group sessions!

Meditation Circle
After our spring meditations, meeting every Tuesday and Thursday on Zoom, I got very positive response from many of you. We will continue on the same schedule, starting October 6th. See more info here to sign up to single sessions or commit to 10 sessions. 

Donation based classes
I will continue to give donation based classes supporting different causes on certain occasions. Also, every Wednesday we will meet on Zoom for a 30 min practice of Sun Salutations and meditation. These sessions will all be donation based, and funds will go to different projects and NGO:s.

Spring 2021
I am very happy to announce a special event in Tenerife May 2021. This will be a unique experience of playful yoga, meditation and mindfulness in an authentic finca in the beautiful island of Tenerife. I am so happy to re-unite with my dear friend Bea, a wonderful yogini from whom I learned so much, and her partner Miguel. Join us!! 

And hope to see you soon through the screens!


Photo: Lloyd Blunk on Unsplash


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