Breathe, relax and release

Breathe, relax and release… Thoughts are often times a sign of mental resistance. Our mind resists because it does not want to let go. The mind doesn’t want to let go of the beliefs we have about ourselves. About what we think life should be. When I realize that I don’t have to believe everything that my mind is telling me, I smile. Because I notice that I start to detach from my mind. At times I manage to just observe, and I even let the different inner voices talk between them, but I don’t take part in the play, I just watch. 

When you observe a thought, who is observing? Who is that witness of the sensations and ideas that pop up in your head? That is what we discover through meditation. The meditation practice doesn’t ask us to obtain anything, on the contrary, meditation invites us to release. Release and surrender. Observe and rest. It’s like when you are going to sleep, you simply prepare your self to go to bed, you lay down and you surrender to sleep. You don’t know exactly what happens when you go from an awake state to sleep, but when you wake up, you know that you have been sleeping. Something similar happens when we dispose ourselves to meditation. The different practice techniques are tools and vehicles leading to the same flow state of observation and surrender, detachment of ideas, attitudes and feelings. In a similar way that you lay down in bed welcoming your sleep, you sit down to welcome meditation. Surrendering to the beautiful world of omni presence, for the love of it.

This Tuesday 23 June will be our last group meditation before summer. During the summer months my mailings will be monthly, and in autumn I will get back with news on retreats and classes. These are times for a lot of changes and adaptation to new realities. I always tend to re-invent myself and my spaces, and I am in that process again now. I’ll get back to you soon! Thank you all for this past semester!

I am always available for private sessions (also in summer) with focus on meditation, yoga or coaching. Also if you are a small group who want to practice together online we can organize classes on a schedule that suits you!

Book tip: Meditation for the Love of it – Sally Kempton.

From July 15th to 20 September I will be in Vålådalen offering meditation and yoga on a daily basis. Welcome to spend peaceful days in the Swedish mountains! More information:


Photo: Aleksandr Eremin on Unsplash


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