Connect to your heart

In these challenging times, I believe that the most healthy thing to do is to stay at home, be careful if we have to go out, and overall focus on what this situation can teach us. A few things you can do if you find yourself overwhelmed with worries and disheartening information:

– turn off the TV.
– make a phone call to a familiar or friend you didn’t talk to for a while.
– read those books you longed to read.
– try new recipes or new crafts.
– meditate.
– practice yoga or other physical/mental exercise.

This Thursday March 19 I invite you to a free meditation on Zoom. This is an opportunity to:
– connect
– get some inspiration and guidance for meditation
– and get information about individual online sessions on Holistic Coaching and/or Yoga.

This is a heart encouraging exercise that involves conscious breathing and body awareness:

Connect to your heart: Stand in stillness, rooting your feet and legs into the ground. Listen to the soft pulsation in your body, a thrive that expands and integrates at the same time. Be aware of your breath, observe what it does to your body. Listen to your heart beat. There is a vibration, a sound, a melody, that is yours. Can you hear it? Focus your attention to your heart centre, and observe the movement of your chest. Allow your breath to help your ribcage expand – from the inside out. It is like a balloon that is inflated, expanding to the sides, to the back and to the front. As a balloon lifts when it is fully inflated, there is probably an elevation of your whole heart centre once you feel it full, light and bright. Allow yourself to open up the area of the collar bones, and smile from shoulder to shoulder. Your arms float out infront of you as two strong and radiant wings. Your heart is shining like a bright star. Now breathe softly into this moment and observe what sensations come to you. Maybe your impulse is to dance or to lay down, or just stand where you are, allowing your heart to both root and raise you!

Aham Prema, lets be who we in essence are, Love and Light!



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