Conscious Choices and New Priorities

The current situation in the world is on many levels testing our patience. And we cannot really avoid to make new conscious choices, different from what we would have chosen only one year ago. I believe most people are in many ways learning from this situation, and we also see new priorities in life. Many decide to spend holidays at home. Some of us need to travel where we can find a job. And some are mourning terrible losses in their families and irreversible changes in their neighborhoods.  When we look at our personal situation it is always useful to put it in perspective. The process that Covid-19 has triggered and opened up in many of us might be longer and deeper than we first thought. And it might challenge our patience. The word patience has its roots in ’pace’ (peace). And, as my dear teacher Zaira Leal said a few days ago, being patient means that our acts, speach and thoughts are full of peace. 

Remember that universe and each process have their own timing!
Learning how to wait is an art!

We practice all this on and off the yoga mat!

During summer I am pausing group sessions of meditation and yoga online, but if you want to book a private session, I am available!

***Special offer until July 31st: 30 min introduction to holistic life coaching (online)***

This is your time and space to investigate current questions in your life. We do this through classic couching tools, as well as breathing exercises, body awareness, meditation, visualization, and/or the tools that might be useful and effective for you!

From July 15th to 20 September I will be in Vålådalen offering meditation and yoga on a daily basis. Welcome to spend peaceful days in the Swedish mountains! More information:

OM SHANTI and Happy Summer!

Photo: Aaron Burden on Unsplash


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