Happy Conscious Holidays!

Another year is coming to its end. It has been a year of great loss, fear and destruction in the world, but also a year of new gainings, love and creation.We are at the end of «Kali Yuga», «the age of vice»; the 4th of 4 stages in the time cycle according to Vedic philosophy. According to the ancient texts, Kali Yuga is an era of spiritual degeneration. Now when this era is coming to its end (we are talking about thousands of years each era), this is a time to heal, individually and as a community, as a ‘tribe of humans’ :).
Let go of old patterns that don-t serve you anymore, bring in the new, give continuation to the energy created. Know that where you put your attention and energy, that is what will grow. Through selflove we learn to love each other in a healthy and complete way. And selflove is listening to ourselves and taking care of our needs.
What we do for ourselves we do for the whole universe.

Focusing on the good: the individual and universal consciousness Is on the raise, and more and more people are working for a more sustainable and peaceful world.

Lets make something special of these holidays: less «things» and more «being together»; the most beautiful gifts can be to read something together, take a walk, watch a movie, play in the snow, cook together, learn new recipies from eachother…

Trying to do a little something from where we are…This year I have chosen to support the World Wide Tribe, who works supporting the refugees in Europe. They work in two ways: highlighting the refugee crisis, bringing awareness, and with direct humanitarian projects in e.g. Turkey, Jordan and Greece. To make my support more significant, I would like to ask for your help to support the Tribe. Clicking on the link, you have the possibility to make a donation that will go DIRECTLY to the World Wide Tribe and their work on the ground. (no commissions or intermediaries).


Looking back personally on my Yoga-year, I am grateful for having been a part of a few great events/retreats/yoga-holidays, in Austria, Mexico, Mallorca and Sweden.  Also grateful for the beautiful summer, with SUP Yoga, and many other classes, courses and events on Mallorca. So many fantastic encounters and re-encounters with people from all over the world!
I am looking forward to 2017 and all what it could bring…

The program so far for end of 2016 and 2017:

21-22 December
Bowspring workshop in Falun, Sweden
More info: info@miaeyoga.com

23-26 March
Yoga and Ski in Goldegg am See, Austria
More info: info@miaeyoga.com/ office@derseehof.at

July & August
Yoga & Walking in Vålådalen, Sweden
I will be 2 months at this beautiful hotel/sportcentre in the Swedish mountains, offering daily yoga classes and meditation.
More info: info@miaeyoga.com / info@valadalen.se

9-12 November
Walking and Yoga on Mallorca
More info: info@mallorcahiking.com / info@miaeyoga.com

I wish You All peaceful holidays and an inspiring, creative and healthy year 2017!!

Big hugs from Mallorca!


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