Happy Spring 2018

First days of Spring and soon it’s Easter. This Sunday we change the hour and we will have more hours of sun. I’ve found some more grey hair on my head, and my mind is saying: «time is flying». Then I smile and I realize my heart is just beating and the breath goes, in and out, and time doesn’t really matter. There is a rhythm, a pulse in everything that is alive. And time is nothing to that. Birds are singing stronger at Spring time, and I tend to think they are longing for something, but that might just be a human’s mind thinking that. Birds maybe have nothing to long for, their wings just beat, at the rhythm of their heart. The birdsong is just a birdsong, an expression of something more natural and instinctive. Anyhow, for me its a signal that tells me to get out of the nest, where I have retreated and rested during the winter months. A friend recently wrote to me something I found so beautiful and true. He knew I was lately facing different fears, and he always says, to be aware, to awaken consciousness, is the greatest gift and the greatest challenge.

Fear is nothing but the opposite to love.
Listening to the enthusiastic birdsong one morning, he laughed to himself, thinking what an exaggeration this song, one singing with more intensity than the other… He was reminded of the birds leaving their safe nest, and he said to me Love is nothing else but leaving the nest. We will finally get back, and that will also be Love.
So lets fly!! Let’s love!!

I have some updates and changes of dates in my spring and summer program. (Please see below)
I wish to see you soon!!

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

Der Seehof, Austria, 14-17 June
Last time I was here in January, enjoying wonderful ski-weather with loads of snow, and I’m happy to be back in June! As I talked about with earlier participants, this is the perfect place to allow yourself to do Nothing:)
Each season by the lake has its special trademark, and the hotel accompanies with suitable activities (or no-activities) and of course the daily menu, prepared with love and with seasonal ingredients.
First class early evening on the Thursday, and last class Sunday morning. Lots of free time to enjoy the surroundings through walks and hikes, or just relax in the garden, by the lake or in the SPA, doing little or nothing… and of course enjoy the delicious food at the hotel’s awarded Restaurant Hecht.
More info and bookings: office@derseehof.at

Vålådalens Fjällstation, Sweden 23 July-16 August
Like last year, I will offer daily yoga- and meditation practice, at this lovely spot in the Swedish mountains. Away from the city-life, in the middle of amazing nature and Nordic light, this is the perfect place to connect to nature, silence, to yourself and your needs. The hotel offers different accommodations; cottages with your own kitchen, hostel with shared kitchen, hotel with half-or fullboard.
I have also the pleasure to offer, together with the wonderful guide Marie, 2 yoga and walking weekends, where we together dive deeper into our yoga practice and into the amazing landscape around Valadalen. This will be 26-29 July and 11-14 August.
More info: info@miaeyoga.com Bookings: info@valadalen.se

Walking and Yoga Holiday
Port de Soller, Mallorca 1-4 November

For the 5th time, I’m happy to organize this special walking- and yoga weekend with Nina and Mallorca Hiking. She is a wonderful guide, with amazing knowledge about the island and the tracks around the Tramuntana mountains. We meet up in the afternoon or early evening on the Thursday, first class will be infront of the sea by sunset…Friday and Saturday we enjoy yoga, meditation and guided walks, and there is always time for SPA, relax and great dinners at the bistro! The program finishes Sunday morning/midday.

With Love from Mallorca


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