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As yoga and life practitioners, we know the importance of breath, movement, posture and relaxation for a healthier, calmer and more joyful life. Independent to the yoga style we subscribe to, I think we can all agree, that yoga increases our awareness to create a more conscious and harmonious life, more connected to Consciousness. 
One of my aims, is to spread the wisdom of yoga to people and places that might not be reached that easily by this practice and life style. I love to practice and teach outside, on public places, as well as bringing yoga to the office, to home, or via Skype, Zoom, or other virtual tools. Yoga is not for an elite, it is not only for the already flexible ones, it is not only for young people or just for white women… YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE who looks for a more balanced and fulfilled life! 
One step in this aim, is that I have created a workshop on open and dynamic posture for daily life. In this workshop we talk about relaxation, breath and posture as tools to create a healthier work atmosphere. You get easy tools and exercises to take home or to your workplace, including yogic keys, and stretch, posture, breath and relaxation. All to prevent and alleviate pain, stress and tension and increase awareness and balance. If you want to know more, please come to one of the next workshops, or contact me to organize this workshop in your town, studio, or workplace!

Next workshops 2019 will be in:
Göteborg, Sweden 20 November
Borlänge, Sweden 1 December
Palma de Mallorca, Spain 9 December.

Contact me for more info or to sign up!

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