In your consistency, consciousness finds meaning

”Through consistency, consciousness find meaning; through change it finds stimulation and expansion” – Anodea Judith

In the current online course I am giving, we are boarding a journey through the seven main energy centers in the body. The chakra system is one of the ”maps” that we were provided by yogis more than 6000 years ago. It is a map over the subtle body, with correspondences in the physical body (each chakra corresponds to an organ or gland or both). Each energy center also resonates with different aspects of our psycho-emotional evolution.

Also in our meditation sessions we are exploring these energy centers, and how the experience of a meditation changes when the focus varies between different energy centers. The root chakra, for instance, has a dense quality, symbolizing earth, stability, and security. If you focus on this center in a meditation, it will probably bring you to grounding and connection to body and earth. The root chakra is like a container. Developing its qualities, of sustaining, anchoring, security, contact with one’s own body and to the earth, will make it a base and a container for all that is developed in the following chakras.

The root chakra’s element is earth, while the two following chakras’ elements are water and fire. Given a foundational base, the emotions that will spring in the second and third chakra will be easier sustained and they can encounter their flow. I believe we are all looking for emotional fulfillment, and one of the keys is really to search for balance between emotional flow and emotional containment, this will give you tranquility and a sense of fulfillment as well as centering. Once you connect to your emotions and desires, and you allow life to give you pleasures, then you can start act and choose your directions. Understanding your emotions and taking responsibility for your actions is a key to upgrading towards the greatest version of yourself! In the third chakra you find that power of action and transformation. This center looks for balance between the action of individuation and independence, and the healthy interaction with others.

All practice requires consistency, and if you are meditating you might have experienced that the more you find those moments of stillness, focus and conscious breathing, more you will understand the word awareness. Being aware and conscious doesn’t only mean to be alert and present, it also means to Be Consciousness, being a part of the the great energy field that sustains us all. (In Tantra and Yoga the energetic field is understood as a fusion between Shiva and Shakti. Shiva being the Consciousness and Shakti the Power source).

In times of change, maintaining a routine and consistency in practice, becomes key for calmness, centering and understanding to grow. Consciousness is nurtured by your committed practice. There you allow yourself to flow with the internal and external changes in life. In that place, consciousness finds stimulation and expansion.

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Photo: Javier Allegue Barros en Unsplash


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