Keeping your vibrational state high

In these challenging times when exterior activities cease, the invitation is to turn inwards, towards Being more than Doing. Through contemplation, creativity and insights will come, and it is also possible that doubts and shades appear. Your shadow sides are your fears, sense of guilt, anger, ignorance and disconnection. Although these may have «negative connotations», there is nothing like «bad feelings». Emotions and feelings just are. And the shadows, if you know how to follow their guidance, will take you to your brighter sides and enhance your Light. Embrace your shadows, they are just the opposite sides of your light. Embrace yourself even more when you feel small or helpless.
This is a time of TRANSFORMATION, and over all we need to:
USE OUR YOGIC TOOLS – breathe and move consciously, nurture ourselves well, sleep and rest well, read and see things that inspire us, recite mantras (you can use an affirmation that is useful for you), and meditate.
KEEP OUR VIBRATIONAL STATE AS HIGH AS POSSIBLE – through our yogic tools, and through investigating our shadows. Sit in contemplation, breathe softly and ask yourself: in what situations do you feel frustrated or that you cannot express what you want, what happens when you feel treated unfairly, how do you react when you feel disempowered? How would you like to respond? What do you need to express yourself as you are?
Allow the questions and answers to flow through you, and embrace them all. What is on the other side of your fears, your disinterest, guilt, anger? Your shadows will guide the way to your LIGHT.

To stay connected, please feel free to join the free online meditations I offer on Tuesdays and Thursdays via Zoom. Access by downloading the app ZOOM to your device or just through your Browser. Contact me to get the link!

Big hugs, love and light!

Photo:  Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash


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