Life always brings me what I need for my evolution

When there is fear, your body tends to shrink and be stiff, the energy will stagnate, your mind paralyze. Your thoughts will tend to go in circles and normally they will include many negative words, many no’s.
One way to face your fears is to observe them ”from the outside”. Imagine you are afraid of going out and take the streets. Look at what it actually is that you are afraid of, what are your worries, and how are the symptoms manifesting in your body, what are your main thoughts about? When you have a few answers to these questions, most likely you will find that the fear is one, and depending on your current circumstances, the object of your fear will change. The fear many times comes from a misunderstanding, a non-information or ignorance, or from a memory. Therefore, oftentimes we are afraid of the fear itself, or we are afraid of meeting something again that we already suffered in the past. The fear is a signal, therefore, look at it, observe it, and you will start to learn how to interpret it, and understand what it wants to show you. Is your choice what to do with your fear. Of course there are also fears that save us from real dangers, so it is useful to show gratitude to those fears that have saved you in the past, that have guided you.
Now, with your fears of today, what can you do?

  • distinguish real dangers from the one that are manufactured by your mind (or by society)
  • observing the fear as if it wasn’t yours but another person’s. What would you say to that person?
  • give a twist to the fear, transforming it… what can you see on the other side of your fear? In my case, I see love and trust. Therefore, I intend to increase love and trust in me, and I look for situations, or I intend to create situations where love and trust predominate.

    Almost always, fear has to do with an imagined future. On the other hand, in the present moment, there is not a lot of space for fear. In times when the future is uncertain, when many things are changing, both in the inner and outer world, the challenge is to live in the present moment with more trust.

One affirmation that can keep you company in times of uncertainty and fear is: I trust, life always brings me what I need for my evolution.

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, and we will explore our energy centers and how to liberate condensed or trapped energies (heavier thoughts, memories and emotions, e.g fears) and transform them into lighter forms of energy (inner peace and balance) in the next online course about the chakras that will start on May 19th. This will be a tool for you to spend time with yourself, observe, breathe, move, slow down, and listen to your needs. Our key will be investigating and learning about oneself in relationship to some of the main driving forces in life, like security, creativity, pleasure, transformation, balance, love, expression, intuition and connection. It will be a journey through your 7 energy centers in the body and you will get to learn more about each of them, their empowering energies and their heavier frequencies, how to observe and balance them. The foundation for the course is yogic philosophy and the chakra system. Our main tools will be talks, yoga, meditation, visualization, couching and journaling. I wish this to be a circle for as many of you as possible to navigate both change and stillness within and without!

The course includes:
4 online classes
A dossier with information and journaling prompts
7 guided meditations/10-20 min
1 private session/45 min
Individual support via email
The classes will be 4 Tuesdays at 19:00, starting Tuesday 19 May, on Zoom. If you cannot follow live, all meditations and classes will be available to listen any time. Send me a message to get to know more!


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Photo: Julia Caesar on Unsplash


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