Life is Change… January Newsletter 2019

This past year has been full of movement for me…and I am realizing…what is life without movement, without change? 
The reason why we practice yoga can be different for each one, but the ultimate quality of the yoga practice is the opening of body-mind for the energy to flow freely, which releases karmic knots, and allows evolution to happen. With the counscious movement of body and mind, energy centers open us, and the central channel (connecting both to earth and sky) aligns, and allows Prana, life force, to flow in a balanced way. Which in turn creates a healthy body and mind. 
When energy is blocked, we dont feel good, I am sure you have experienced that. It can take form in illness, physical pain and/or anxiety, depression etc. If we can identify which energy centre is blocked we can also identify what emotional issues (or karmic stories) it could relate to. Sometimes it is necessary to take action and make changes in your life to be able to heal these issues and balance the energy centres. The yoga practice is an ally in this journey, because the practice of Asana (postures) and meditation helps to align and balance energy, and it also makes you more aware of your reality. Thats why the practice on and off the mat go side by side. One has to harmonize with the other. 

So, personally I have travelled and made different changes in my life this past year, that somehow were necessary to align with the person I am and want to be. This made me to take some pause in my teaching, to focus, and to be able to re-discover who and where I want to be also as a teacher, and I am still in that process 🙂
In October I joined two trainings in the US, which both helped me a lot on this journey. Breakthrough Breath Work with Ashley Ludman in New York and Bowspring with Desi Springer and John Friend in Denver. So grateful to have been a part of these trainings that really helped me to connect more to my inner power, and to ground. And also to get a deeper understanding of the healing practice of yoga, the Bowspring method, meditation and counscious breathing. Just after that I felt charged and went into our annual Yoga & Walking Holiday with Nina and Mallorca Hiking in Soller, which was as fun and enrichening as every year!

Now I will be in Sweden for a while, and you can find me in Vålådalen, where I will offer yoga and massage during the winter season! This is an amazing place in the Swedish mountains, one of the most peaceful and beautiful valleys I know. If you need a few days in nature, with the possibility to ski, or just relax, this is the perfect place! 

I wish you a enrichening year 2019! Hope to see you around, on or off the mat!

Kramar, Hugs, Abrazos!


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