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Yoga means to ’go for life’, but not mess with life 😉 Each and every one has his/her destiny and challenges. Like Arjuna in the epical Bhagadvadgita, we have to learn to face our destiny, and trust that life always will present us situations from which we keep on learning according to our evolution.
Bhagadvadgita tells the story about Arjuna who stands before a war he is expected to participate in. His best friend Krishna accompanies him and their conversation is one condensed with wisdom and yogic knowledge. It is a conversation between our human side (Arjuna) and our divine side (Krishna). Arjuna didn’t want to get into the battle field that was waiting for him, but thanks to his conversation with Krishna, he got to understand that that field was going to teach him so many essential lessons, and even more important, his life was happening there, and in no other place. When we listen within it is not to escape from the world, but to know who we are in relation to the world, and where our path is. To accept your battles is to accept your path of learning and service in the world.

Yoga teaches us how to relate to the world, and even how to become friends with yourself and the world you are living in. There are four different paths: Bhakti Yoga, the path of devotion, Jnana Yoga the path of study and knowledge, Raja Yoga, the path of mental and physical discipline, and Karma Yoga, the path of action and self-less service. This week (on the 21st) we celebrate the International Yoga Day,and it could be the perfect moment to feel to which path you feel more related to. Arjuna went for the path of action and service. Allow yourself to search and investigate, and trust that life will take you to different situations for you to try out the different paths. You will find the way in which you may become the best version of yourself and dedicate your light with passion and trust.

This week it is Midsummer, summer solstice and International Yoga Day – I wish you a week full of wonderful celebrations!


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