Navigating in times of Change

Change is part of life. Nothing is static in nature, Everything is cyclic. However, oftentimes, we resist change. Some people would like everything to be just the way it has always been, some people constantly needs to change work, partner or car, some want things to change, just at the moment and in the way they decide. What is your relationship to change?

As change is part of life, we are moving with it. The more we resist, the more difficult it will get. And the more we try to impulse change when it is not yet time, the more resistance we will encounter. How is your relationship to resistance?

Evolution is change, and it is happening every day. In global challenging times we can see a general growing interest for self care and personal development, of curiosity for an inevitable transformation on many levels. I have had some direct inquiries from many of you, and I will therefore launch this Online course as a tool for you to spend time with yourself, observe, breathe, move, slow down, and listen to your needs. Our key will be investigating and learning about oneself in relationship to some of the main driving forces in life, like security, creativity, pleasure, transformation, balance, love, expression, intuition and connection. It will be a journey through your 7 energy centers in the body and you will get to learn more about each of them, their empowering energies and their shadow sides, how to observe and balance them. Our main tools will be talks, yoga, meditation, visualization, couching and journaling. I wish this to be a circle for as many of you as possible to navigate both change and stillness within and without!

Our main tools will be yoga, meditation, journaling, with a coaching perspective and yoga/tantric philosophy as foundation.

The course includes:
4 online classes
A dossier with information and journaling prompts
7 guided meditations/10-20 min
1 private session/45 min
Individual support via email
Classes will be 4 Tuesdays at 19:00, starting May 19th. If you cannot follow live, all meditations and classes will be available to listen to any time.

More information on May 7th at 19:00 via Zoom – a possibility to ask questions and see how this program can open new horizons and support you in many ways!


*see below the meditation links for this week!

Photo: Leo Wieling on Unsplash


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