New Years letter 2019

Recently a friend of mine suggested me to make a vision board. It has been several years since I didn’t do one, so I was happy to get to work. A vision board is a smaller or bigger ”screen” where you allow your fantasy to flow freely, dreaming high, and making intentions for the present moment and the future. It is a board full of pictures, words, and meaning for you. Envisions, missions, intentions and proposals. 

This creative process reminded me of the last time I made a similar thing, it was years ago at lake Atitlan in Guatemala, and I was envisioning my ”ideal week”. It was a suggestion from my yoga therapy teacher, and she asked me to be specific and clear with my dreams. So I made a dream-schedule, which actually became true a year or so later. I quit my job in the hotel where I was working at the time, and I dedicated full time to yoga in different ways; regular classes, community classes, individual sessions, workshops, retreats and yoga holidays on different places in Europe. 

As we are now moving into a new decade, when I was doing the new vision board now, I also reflected upon the travels I have done, within, and in the world, during the last ten years. 

I came to the conclusion, that I now dream of a place to stay, to settle and make roots. And I know that that place foremost is in Myself. I also realized once again that it is necessary to dream, and also to review our dreams, since they might change over the years. 

I invite you to reflect upon your current dreams and intentions, and if you feel like it, why not make a vision board?

These are some questions for contemplation:

– Where have you been (within and in geographic realms) during the last decade?

– What has it taken you to be where you are today? Review decisions, travels, jobs, relations, separations…

– What are you thankful for from all that has happened during the last year and the last decade?

– What would you like to let go of?

– Where do you want to go now? How would you like your life to look like? How do you want to feel?

– How and where do you see yourself in one year? In 10 years?

– What are your tools, Which are you options, possibilities?

– What will be the next step on your ride? 

– Who are the people that support you in your intentions to become who you are and fully want to be?

Happy cheerful and restful Holidays!
I wish your dreams to come true in 2020!


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