One of my biggest challenges

Yesterday I spoke with a student and friend about commitment. Personally, one of the most challenging things for me in my practice is not to sit long enough in meditation or reach certain poses, but what is more important to me, and also one of my biggest challenges, is the commitment with myself to be consistent in my practice and to set out dates and times for a future. This is one of the reasons I am now challenging myself and I have set up a program for this fall 2020! I have decided to take one more step into the online-world; teaching and coaching via the screens. I am so grateful and happy to have beautiful friends, students, and contacts around the world, and this is a way to stay connected! In general we are traveling less, and due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, I find it a safe and useful tool to meet and practice online. 

Bowspringinspired Yoga
I offer one to one sessions – for those of you who want a personalized practice on a certain time that suits you! We can work with posture, flow and body awareness, breath, meditation, conscious movement, strength, balance… focusing on your needs!

Also see PDF for group classes!

Life Coaching
Private sessions to work with Your NOW. Coaching means movement – in the direction that you chose! My approach is holistic, so we can use tools such as visualization, breath, relaxation, stress relief and body awareness, together with the coaching tools that include listening, questioning, answering, discovering for your self your intentions and potentials. Sometimes it is necessary to observe old patterns to be able to let go of them and welcome new ways of being – with yourself and others! Coaching supports you in your present moment and on your way!

One to one sessions – Your breath as tool to reach deeper layers of yourself, release tensions and let go of thought patterns and old belief systems. We use different classic Pranayama as well as Wim Hof basic technics and Breathwork.

Also see PDF for group sessions!

Meditation Circle
After our spring meditations, meeting every Tuesday and Thursday on Zoom, I got very positive response from many of you. We will continue on the same schedule, starting October 6th. See more info here to sign up to single sessions or commit to 10 sessions. 

Donation based classes
I will continue to give donation based classes supporting different causes on certain occasions. Also, every Wednesday we will meet on Zoom for a 30 min practice of Sun Salutations and meditation. These sessions will all be donation based, and funds will go to different projects and NGO:s.



Photo: Mark Duffel on Unsplash


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