My vision

I like to look at life as a colorful tapestry. One of my tasks is to guide you to find Your colors and how to refine them. To let them shine with more clarity, expanding in trustfulness and ease. 

Yoga has to me been crucial in my path towards a more fulfilled life, a life in which I every day consider myself less as a «victim» and more like an active participant. It is my deep belief that Yoga and its different practices  helps us to live more in the present moment and to find more peace within.

The secret is simple...
The practice allows us to be in the present moment. When we don’t think too much about the past, neither we worry about the future, we are just living the present moment. Your breath is the most accesible tool you have to connect to your presence. Your body is here, your breath is now. When you coordinate your breath with movement sequences in your yoga practice, it becomes your key to stay present. The practice also helps to open and align the chakras (energy centers) and the subtle channels in your body, letting energy and breath flow more freely, and giving the possibility to release and relax. 

Relationship between body and mind

Oftentimes, in moments of pain or despair (physical or emotional), we realize the deep relationship between body, heart and mind. Who hasn’t felt that a headache or chronicle pain may derive from a heart- or mind-related worry? However, our Western culture still separates body and mind, and emotions are many times frowned upon. Luckily though, it seems like this perspective is slowly changing. I believe the whole world is getting more sensitive, and that is necessary to start acting with more awareness.

Intuition, sensitivity, and desire, are fundamental engines for such a change. With the practice of Yoga and conscious breathing we are synchronizing these engines, as well as we regulate the nervous- and glandular systems, and develop flexibility, strength, and body awareness. In this way, the practice gives us tools to  understand ourselves better and to change physical and mental patterns that don’t serve us anymore. All for our wellbeing; for transformation and reconnection.

Tantric perspective

Tantra is a path of acceptance, integration and bliss. The word itself reminds us that we are each and everyone our own instrument to unify and expand our awareness to live a more fulfilled life. In the Vedic and Tantric traditions we believe that there is no separation between the individual and the universal; we are each one of us waves of the same ocean, and the ocean is each one of the waves. Thus, Yoga is not a practice only for the individual benefit; if you practice Yoga, you give back to your surroundings more awareness, harmony and happiness. 

My own journey
I believe that my own journey through stress, anxiety and sometimes depressive thoughts, has given me important tools and a wider perspective in my practice and in my work. Nowadays I am navigating my paths with more tools and more ease than ever. I would love to be there for You in Your journey.


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