A beautiful person I met travelling, Mayan Tz’utujil with a great wisdom, told me that to become a flower, you first have to know how to be a seed. He looked at me with his curious and calm eyes and said: To be life you have to be able to be death.
Our conversation inspired me peace, and it made me think that Savasana, the Corpse posture and the final Asana in each Yoga session, is really one of the most important postures of the practice.
In Savasana, the teachings get their place and time to settle in, and we may surrender completely to what there is. And, like the indigenous told me, it is necessary to die, to have the possibility to re-born. Savasana invites us to let go of any beliefs, patterns or costumes, that may not serve us anymore, and to enhance new experiences, as well as new ways of thinking, to our being. It invites us to align to the Divine, to ourselves.

To give space for new buds to burst, parts of us may have to die, like petals that fall off the flower.

I ask myself what would happen if I knew how to wait for the perfect moment; If I knew how to be a seed, resting in the soil, without doing anything, not even trying to imagine how it would be to grow, burst, bloom, wither and die.

When the day comes, when I have learnt to be a seed, I will grow, I will burst, and become a flower with an unique colour and form. And I will let those petals fall that cannot sostain the form, those who don’t help me to grow and flower. They will fall off and they’ll become soil, where new seeds will settle and learn how to be without doing.
They will live to be able to die.


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