Spring Newsletter 2019

April is coming to its end. In my end of the world it has been a cold winter, and spring decided to show up with a strong bright sun. I have spent the last months working in a hotel in the Swedish mountains. When I came here in December, we had around four hours of daylight. And it was even difficult to call those four hours light. For me this certainly showed up as a possibility to look into the darkness. To stay steady in my breath and my practice. 

It has become so clear to me, that when you live in a city, you become almost detached to nature and its natural rythms, whilst when living inmersed between mountains and forest, the cycles of life become clearer and you feel you are a part of it all. The darkness highlights our shadows, the snow becomes a white canvas where you can tell your story. Every step is a word in that story, every silence a pause, a comma. For the first time in many years, I decided not to fight against the darkness, but to breathe it through. 
When some of my yoga students told me how wonderful they thought it was to get up and practice in the dark mornings with me, I came to an insight: we decide HOW we live and experience the dark and the bright sides. Yoga means union, and it means to be in the path towards non-duality. Where light and darkness are one, where there is not any separation; no god outside, but a Divine within and around us all. 
I was fighting with myself to get out of bed those dark mornings after nightmares. And then these students’ comments became a mantra to me. And a beautiful symbol that said to me that we can learn and get inspired from others on How to experience reality. 

Now during just the last few weeks, the snow has been melting, birds are singing and rivers are flooding over with curious powerful water. As I am writing this it is 9:30 pm and the sky is still light blue. A few days after full moon, I can still feel its power in the air. Living close to nature makes you come closer to your own true nature. Accept and listen to your rhythms, go through all times, because all times will come and go, there is no way around it, just through it. 
Spring is singing to me know. The mountain tops are still white and the butterflies and the bears are waking up from their rest. To them retreat and contemplation in winter and more activity in spring and summer is natural. What is natural to you? Does spring come with any new insights, willing to create or maybe dance, or just relax in the sun? Whatever it is that spring is bringing to you, observe the nature around you, and listen to your nature. Your heart beats are showing your pace, they indicate your path, playing your music. 

How do you start becoming closer to your nature? (Independently from where you live) Listen to your breath. Pick a practice and stay with it until it becomes as natural as brushing your teeth. Think of it as you wanted to get to know a new person, but this time this person is you. A spiritual practice, is communication with your spirit, the door way is your breath. And the key is to understand that we are all One. So when you chose how to live your reality, with conflict or with acceptance, that will be your contribution to the world. 

If you would like to get to know this place inmersed in silence, mountains and forest, please come and visit me at valadalen.se This is a great place for hiking and/or relax. We can arrange your personal retreat/holiday, with walks, talks, meditation, yoga, breath work, and healthy local food. 

5-8 September we are arranging a long weekend with guided hikes and yoga. Marie who lived in Valadalen for the last 30 years will tell you storied about the people who first came here, about nature and its cycles, map reading and a lot more. We start and end the days with yoga and meditation. 
Contact me for more information. Just a few spots left!

7-10 November – traditionally Hiking and Yoga on Mallorca. This is a long weekend I arrange together with my friend and mountain guide Nina and Mallorca Hiking. We stay at Hotel Espléndido in Port de Soller, so you get spoiled with delicious food, beautiful settings, seaview, SPA and more. We will also find some time for yoga, meditation, and hiking in the lovely Tramuntana mountains 🙂

Kramar, Hugs, Abrazos!


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