The Divine Feminine – Newsletter October 2019

These days of Narvatri (festivity to the Divine Feminine) I am turning to Durga, the goddess of Protection and Transformation. She is a warrior who knows both to defend her self and others’ rights, and to stand up and defeat barriers that limit evolution and growth. Someone told me that the secret is to accept my soul’s journey from within. To leave out any expectations. And I ask Durga for help to do this. 
If you need some support or guidance with any change or decision in your life right now, look for a quiet space and give a moment for the following contemplation:
Make yourself comfortable and listen to your breath. Slow down the inhale, the exhale and the pauses in-between. Allow the current of life to bring you to a deeper level of awareness. Visualize Durga, the divine warrior. Become aware of this powerful Shakti presence, glimmering within and around you. Durga is riding a lion and she wares a golden crown and different attributes and weapons in her many arms. Ask her what aspects in your life you need help with right now, is there something you need to let go of to make space for change and growth?
The Autumn is a season that invites to retreat, look within, take walks in nature and cleanse. Let go, release, and give in. Give in to the greater power. You are just that. The Divine power. Repeat the question and then sit in silence, listen and sense whatever comes to you. Have a notebook near, and if you want, write down whatever comes up. When you finished writing rest in silence for some moments. Keep your eyes closed, fall back….into your divine source that is supporting you always. 

Sometimes I wonder if ´all this self reflection´ is bringing me into some narcissistic play where I forget about the outer world. But the answer is no. My self study, my inner work, is a conscious work to become the highest version possible of myself, and a better contribution to the world. To create a more peaceful, sustainable and conscious world, we have to start with ourselves. We cannot fight any battle outside if we don’t conquer our inner peace. To only see and point out all the harm that we make on the planet has the high risk to increase the pain and the suffering. I believe it would be more healthy for everyone if we focused on the good. It is proven over and over again that we can heal ourselves, our micro-cosmos. It is therefore also possible to heal the macro-cosmos. Together. 

Exhale and let go, inhale and welcome the divine power within to guide you.
Jai Ma!


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