The Magic of Gratitude – Newsletter March 2017

Recently coming back home from Austria, after a few wonderful inspiring days in the most fantastic and special hotel, Der Seehof. Special thanks to Susi, and to all participants!!  I am happy to be back again in June and September!! 
The last day we talked about gratitude, and later I found this text that I wrote some years ago:

I am thankful to those who walked this path before me. It might not be the same one, but we are branches of the same tree, stars of the same sky, reflections of the same supreme being, and the same fusion between lights and shadows, consciousness and power, destruction and creation, between Shiva and Shakti.

There are so many things to be grateful for. I didn’t use to feel that, but years ago, encoureged by a friend, who was experiencing a difficult time but still could feel gratitude every night for the small things that somehow had enlightened his day, I started to practice Gratitude. And for me a shift happened. After a while the gratitude really was an authentic feeling from my heart. Words have power; sounds are vibrations and vibrations create our reality. 

Thank You Tree, for showing me the importance of the roots, thank you buds, for showing me the pain of bursting. Thank You leaves, for teaching me how to breathe.
Thank you, ignorance, patience, trust.
Thanks to the innocence of the seed, thanks to the joy of flowering.

Thank You, emptiness

Already then, when emptiness still was bringing me anxiety, I seem to unconsciously have understood the function and importance of emptiness in (my) life..
The words were anticipating my truth: some years later I discovered fully that the emptiness I always felt as a gap between me and reality, as a dangerous space where to get lost and feel insecure, is really the channel, the necessary vessel to be a transporter of light, to be able to create, to manifest, to tune into this world, to stay connected between here and there, between earth and heaven.

Wish You all a Beautiful Spring and Summer!!

Varma hälsningar / Warmest regards,

Here an update of coming events:

Holistic Retreat Mallorca
Yoga, meditation and outdoor-living, connecting to Nature and your Own True Nature. Counceling with coach and peacebringer Bijan Anand.
More info and bookings

Seehof Yoga and Walking Weekend Holiday 
22-25 June
& 28 September – 1 October
More info and bookings:

Bowspring Introduction Workshop
28-29 June, Österssund, Sweden, more info coming soon

Walking and Yoga in Valadalen, Sweden
10-13 July and 
Discover the Swedish mountains, and enjoy silence, nature, yoga and meditation.
During the above dates guided walks, yoga & meditation will be offered within a special program, but also, Yoga and meditation will be offered at Valadalen the whole summer, July and August.
More info and bookings:

Walking & Yoga Mini Holiday on Mallorca
9-12 November, Espléndido Hotel, Port de Soller, Mallorca
For the 4th time I’m happy to return with wonderful mountain guide Nina, to hold this weekend together in beautiful settings!
More info and bookings:



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