The spirit of compassion has always the longer breath

I am dedicating these weeks to to re-valuate and contemplate how I may best serve the community at this moment. I don’t think too much about the future, since the future since more uncertain than ever. How do you live your present moment? Karma Yoga teaches us to allow our hands and words to act and speak with a purpose, with a helping gesture. Our means, time and resources might be different, but I believe it is important for everyone of us to encounter our way of contribution. It does not have to be an economic support, neither one that takes much of your time. I am supporting Warrior Yoga, an organization that works to spread the benefits of yoga beyond borders and frontiers.  I have also chosen to support in the ways I can, the people who are most vulnerable to the spread of Covid-19. A friend’s organization works In Tamil Nadu in India, supporting with food and healthcare.

On the other hand I have been thinking about You! For many of us it is a time for introspection, to make certain choices, re-create, and overall, to ground in the present moment and make it the best possible for oneself and the people around us! The holistic work I offer can help you connect to yourself, to know what your longings and necessities are, and recognize the means and tools you have to:

  • live in more harmony with yourself and your surroundings.
  • reduce stress and anxiety.
  • increase creativity, curiosity, and your performance both at a personal and a professional level.
  • introduce routines that support you on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Your body often times reflects what is happening within you. Accumulated worry and stress will repercute in your physics, and so will physical tension or pain also reflect in your temper and emotional state. This is one of the reasons I choose a holistic approach. Your body can help your mind and your soul, and vice versa!

I offer:

  • Life Coaching
  • Yoga- and meditation sessions
  • Spiritual counseling

During the confinement I offer 30 minutes Coaching introduction for free. And for the session(s) we can elaborate a personalized payment plan.

During these harder times, I will continue sharing Solidary Meditation every Tuesday and Thursday at 17:30 on Zoom. I have read about the security alerts, but I choose to trust as a secure channel. They have done many security updates in their system, and it seems that there are other platforms that stand for possible Malware. Nothing that I do is recorded and stored in the Cloud.

Yoga: Wednesday 15 April at 17:00 in English
Voluntary donation via Swish 0707945523 or Paypal:

Send me a message to get the links for meditation/yoga, or check my last email 🙂

«In life, it often seems that the spirit of complacency, passivity and despair, is the mightier power. But the Spirit of truth, commitment and compassion has always the longer breath.» – Dr Hugo Maier


Photo: TJ Holowaychuck on Unsplash


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