What if you fly…

What if I fall?
Oh, but my darling, what if you fly…

Erin Hanson

It is something like that to close your eyes with your senses wide open, strong and sensitive at the same time, when you know that there is no option but to to walk into the unknown. We never know how it will unfold, how summer will break into winter. However, we do know, there is always a fall in between; a space to take a pause and listen within. Change does not only implicate contemplation and reflection. But it starts that way:
You pause.
You listen.
You see with new eyes.
And from there you can stand up again and walk out as an upleveled version of yourself. Only You know what that means. What Your path of evolution looks like. On a general level, as human beings, up-leveling means more compassion, accountability and awareness. 

Change also implicates intuition, initiative, intention.
When the caterpillar only focuses on the seemingly unbreakable walls, she will imagine she’ll never be able to fly. When the skier looks at the blue skies and falling leaves he will never think snow will come. When the meditator stays focusing on the limits built by the mind, she will never cross them. Meditation is going beyond the mind. Meditation is falling in love with yourself. Beyond any boundaries. And there, love, light and wisdom have no limits. 
We can practice this by practicing gratitude, empathy, compassion, visualize light and allow ourselves to breathe out fears, sadness, anger and guilt. These emotions have a a more dense quality than love, joy, lust and creativity, and are mostly concentrated in the body in the three lower chakras or energy centers. If you consciously sit and breathe from your root up the centre channel and release when you arrive at the crown, this is a powerful way to transform shadows into manifestations of light, joy and love.

When you allow yourself to fall and also recognize the shadow sides in life, it is also easier that the heaviness and unbalances that made you fall can release and transform, and you find more freedom both in movement and in stillness. You realize that the fall can make you fly. 

Don’t get overwhelmed, you are not alone. We are in this together. One of my dear teachers always says: I am nothing like you, and I am just like you. Let’s Breathe Together into fall, and slowly, into precious winter!

Aham Prema, lets Be Love!
Happy Falling in love with ourselves!



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