What is time?

According to the Mayan Calendar, that somehow follows time in a more natural and harmonious way than our Gregorian Calendar, the year is established according to the 13 moons, it begins on July 26th and ends on July 24th. July 25th is the Day Out of Time.
The Gregorian Calendar is actually desincronized  with the astral movements and the biological rythms, as it has 12 months and varies in number of days… Each day and month in the Mayan Calendar has a specific meaning, defined by the sun and the moon. And the 25th of July has been defined as the Day out of Time, dedicated to reflection and preparation for the new year, purification, creation. A day to celebrate Love and Art, and to ask ourselves: What is Time?

I invite You to sit for the following Meditation:
Find a quiet spot, sit in a way so that you can feel your central channel open, long and luminous, and settle in breathing out «the old», completely, fully… And breathing in the New. After a few breaths see if you can sense yourself being Breathed. Rather than making the action inhale-exhale counsciously, invite yourself to the rythm, the pulse, enter the Breath, and rely on it, trust it, let yourself be carried by it.
As you can observe your breath, your thoughts, your body, you ARE NOT your breath, your thoughts your body, but they are part of your manifestation here, and you can witness them… But can we really observe time? Does time really exist? This meditation only invites you to stay with your breath, being carried by it, being inhaled, exhaled. Beyound any sense of Time.

Happy Day beyound Time!
In Lak’esh (Mayan salutation meaning I am another You)


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