Holistic Coaching


Are you looking for a change in your life? Are you struggling with tricky decisions? Or are you curious to know yourself better? In this case, life coaching could be a possibility for you. My work has a humanistic and holistic approach, and I use tools from my experience both as an art therapist, a yoga teacher and a life coach. We build up each session according to your necessities, desires and intentions, and we can meet via Skype/Zoom or in person. 












Life Coaching

If you are looking for a change in any area of your life, if you have to make a difficult decision, or ”just” want to know more about yourself, life coaching can guide you towards the life that you want to live, and oftentimes just a few sessions are enough.

The Coaching Sessions

The life coaching sessions require the presence of a clear intention and of your motivation. If you don’t have a clear objective, in a first meeting we discover your current situation, your worries, your health, habits, job, relations etc. Getting an overview of your circumstances will help you to see where your focus is, what your main challenges and intentions are. You will be able to highlight your dreams, possibilities and resources and together we decide an “action plan”, that goes hand in hand with your intentions. Between the sessions you might get different tasks that we will look at together when we meet. Coaching means a movement in the direction that you decide. On the way there will be many insights and personal growth.

Holistic perspective

I work with holistic coaching, which first of all means that we look at your situation covering body, mind, heart and your environment. Many times for a change to happen the new pattern needs to be embodied; felt in your body and heart, not only spoken about.  Therefore, the holistic perspective also means we could add to the verbal communication and the traditional coaching tools, visualizations, conscious breathing, body awareness or different yoga exercises. It is your choice what different tools you want to use in your sessions.

The holistic focus includes body, mind and heart, and we will see how they interrelate, and from which part(s) of your being your desires and intentions come from. Emotions of fear, grief and shame also get stored in your body, so understanding and moving your body is as effective way to transform physical and emotional blockages. Working with body awareness and breathing exercises can help you solve psychosomatic issues and release old patterns and belief systems that limit your wellbeing.

Using not only verbal communication but also exercises that cultivate your body awareness and presence can reinforce you to:

– Handle with stress and difficult situations.
– Release tensions
– Build awareness around underlying feelings and belief systems that constrain the possibilities to live the life you want to live.
– Set boundaries.
– Find your dreams, resources, tools, strength, sensibility, direction and focus.

Present, past, future

Even though the focus is your present and your future, we don’t exclude your past experiences, because they are a part of you. Your past most likely has an impact on your relationships and on your daily decisions. Understanding how your past is influencing you, you can slowly let go of it and change certain behaviors and attitudes. This transformation will give cultivate more harmony within and with the people around you.

Positive change

Life coaching as well as spiritual guidance is all about enhancing your creativity, understanding and self esteem. Through more connection to yourself you will recognize the source of your inner power and the resources and tools you have to live the life you want to live. I would be pleased to be there for you in your journey!


  • A push to set direction

    Thank you for our sessions. I learned a lot from them, one important thing for me was to name and describe things in words. Your questions made it easier for me to express my thoughts. Also your figurative descriptions made it easier for me to understand things in a wider perspective. It was a push that gave me directions in ways of thinking. Definitely, it has been valuable to me.

    Johanna, Uppsala 2020

  • Peaceful support

    Mia gave me tranquility and peace when I was in a ”all over the place-state”. The coaching sessions supported me. I warmly recommend Mia, who has a big heart and deep knowledge.

    Anonymus, Palma de Mallorca 2020

  • A pause for insights

    The sessions with Mia have helped me to take a pause, feel and get insights. Her way of guiding is wonderful, to me she is an angel.

    Cata, Palma de Mallorca 2020

  • A new door opens up

    Mia is both intelligent and good hearted as coach, and both these sides are shown in the sessions. She has a deep life experience that is reflected in her clear and honest way of coaching. She has helped me to define myself and to find strengths that I didn’t know I had. Today I am more aware about my own acts and my own influence on my surroundings. It is like a new door has opened up and I just need to be brave to step through it. The fact that Mia has an orientation towards Yoga and Mindfulness gives yet another dimension to the coaching sessions.

    Charlotte, Stockholm 2020


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