Yoga and Bowspring



Yoga is a transformative path that brings us Home. Nothing is to be achieved, but everything is to be reveled. Yoga is the process of making friends with your mind and cultivating awareness to become an awake witness of life. Yoga becomes your tool, and a way to live life, that will help you see yourself and others in a new light. Yoga is the process of connecting to your spirit, that is connected to Spirit.

There are many different schools and linages within the yoga tradition, but all teach us to focus towards a fulfilled life, through the recognition and reconnection with our true nature, in Oneness and in union between body-mind-soul.

It is a conscious practice of alignment body-mind-soul. The physical practice of breathing, postures and movement, is a way of going into the present moment as well as into your body and its experiences. Working with the body does not only work the physical aspects, but also emotional and energetic. The form your body takes in different sequences of movement informs you about your state of being, it re-calibrates your nervous system, opens and balances energy centers. The asana practice (postures) helps you to gain tone to muscles and fascia, it trains your body awareness, and strengthens your immune system. Meditation and yoga also regulate your endocrine system. All together, a regular practice cultivates more quietness, balance and joy.


Bowspring is a system of alignment body-mind-soul. The founders, Desi Springer and John Friend come from a yoga background, and the method has its roots there. However, it marks a difference in form and relationship to the body, based on more recent studies of anatomy and biomechanics. On a physical level, the method looks for an open, dynamic and curvy posture, balancing the anterior and posterior chain of muscles and fascia. Through a balanced activation of 10 key areas in your body, the practice creates tone in fascia and muscles, and a dynamic pulsation between breath, body and conscious movement.

My personal experience, resonating also in many of my students and teacher colleagues, is that the Bowspring method invokes much lightness, integration and expansion not only on the physical level, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The Bowspring system has been developed within the context of Sridaiva, a name that means ”divine destiny” and reflects the founders view of life and practice, resonating in many ways with the tantric yoga tradition. Three pillars in the practice are accountability, compassion and mindfulness, all being attributes to cultivate in your individual path, discovering your Dharma (your purpose), at service for your community and in harmony with the Universe. 

Physical benefits

Open posture, functional movement for daily life. Alleviates and prevents pain, cares for the joints, regulates the endocrine- and the nervous system. Improves curviness, agility and springy light movement. 

Mental benefits

Mental clarity, improves concentration.

Emotional benefits

Lightness and integration on an emotional level. Improves emotional management. 

Spiritual benefits

Increased capacity for the energetic sensibility. Understanding of the existential connection between micro- and macro cosmos. 

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