Bringing in Light

December for many is a month that invites to spend more time at home, decorate the house and lit a lot of candles. Today December 13th, Santa Lucia is celebrated in different places around the world. Around Lucia di Siracusa there are different legends and stories, it is said she lived around year 300, and that she died the martyr death. One legend says that she carried food to the Christians who were hiding in the catacombs of Rome. To see her way, she carried a crown of candles, and therefore today the figure of Santa Lucia wares white robes and a light-crown. Together with different pagan traditions, in the Northern countries, Lucia has become the symbol of the one who brings light in the darkest nights of December.

Yoga teaches us that we are vessels of light, love and wisdom. Our work is to take care of our body-mind so that it can channel the energy in a way that is benefitting ourselves and the people around us. As we do have to plug in the Christmas lights for them to shine, in the same way, we have to plug in our body-mind so that it can be the channel of light that it is. We plug in body-mind by moving, breathing and nurturing ourselves in a conscious way. How? -we can choose a healthy life style, and we may use different tools, such as yoga asana, functional movement, conscious breathing and relaxation.

I am happy to share some short videos from my Youtube channel where you get easy tips to stay tuned and bright during the darkest days of the year. Click here to Watch!

On this google drive link you can find a relaxation audio – please feel free to use it!

I wish you a bright December! Let’s remember to spread light to the people who can need it the most. It can be small gestures, a smile to someone in the elevator, a nice word to the cashier, a blanket to a homeless, a plate of ginger cookies to the neighbor, or an extra help to any NGO working on the darkest places on the globe… Karma Yoga is the yoga of action, of serving, and the act of giving and sharing definitely brings joy and light multiplied and returned!

On December 31st I will organize a special New Years Class, at 10 am in Palma. If you are on the island you are so welcome to join! It will be a donation based class, and the funds will go to Warrior Yoga, an organization that works to bring the benefits of yoga beyond borders and frontiers. 
Bye to a decade and Welcome to 2020: December 31st 10-11:30, c/ Josep Villalonga 47, 2, Palma. 

Big Bright Hugs!



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