Why meditate?

These days I am offering meditation sessions online for everyone who is interested. I have received messages from some of you confirming that meditation is a useful tool to connect and feel the energy flow in your body-mind-heart.

Some of you have asked also for yoga classes. I offer private classes online for those of you who wants to focus on your individual necessities and maybe develop a personalized sequence/program for you to practice at home. This week I will offer two group clases on Zoom for you; so that you may try out this tool if you haven´t tried it yet, and as an opportunity to connect and practice with a group.
Tuesday 31 March at 9:00-10:15
Wednesday 1 April at 17:30-18:45

Contribution: Voluntary donation. Supporting Warrior Yoga, an organization that works to bring the benefits of yoga to people who don’t normally would have the access to practice.

Send me a message and you will get the link and instructions  on how to join!


I like to think about meditation as omnipresence. It means to open your gaze and your state of being to a higher vibration, and keep your focus. It means to go beyond your mind (your ideas, thoughts and feelings), and connect to who you truly are. Meditation brings you to another state of being, to a way of living in harmony with your inner nature.

Now, to connect to the present moment and to Being, we need practice. As you know, there are many different schools and multiple technics. Each time we sit down and close our eyes, we train ourselves to live more harmoniously.
Reality, as the yogis explain it to us, is the Big Consciousness. To understand and perceive yourself as being-consciousness, first is necessary to become more aware ;). Therefore, many meditation technics, are centered in cultivating awareness and presence. In other words, meditation helps us to experiment that we are something more than our thoughts, feeling and ideas. It guides us to connect to who we truly are.

Why meditate?

  • to relax your body and calm the nervous system
  • to observe yourself
  • to be more present
  • to connect with your Being

Lets look at each and everyone fo this points:

  • When your body and nervous system are balanced you feel more calm and it will be easier to observe yourself and convert you reactions into contemplations and responses.
  • Observing yourself you will get insights about your tendencies and you will get to know yourself better.

– Why be more present?

  • the worries about past and future diminish
  • you get more aware about your own body and your feelings
  • you will be more aware about the people around you
  • your ”mental stuff” will find its place in the background
  • and this all together will help you to empower your level of concentration, energy, curiosity and efficiency, both personally and at work.
  • Connecting to your Being, you understand that you Are Not your emotions and thoughts. You will see that you don’t have to believe all the things you think. You connect to the state of Being-Consciousness, and in this way you also connect to the energy that holds us all. It’s a re-encounter with yourself!

Step into the screen, and we will go beyond it!


Photo: Simon Migaj on Unsplash


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