Awareness creates choice. Practice creates capacity.

The first step in any conscious process is to become aware. The more you know about what is going on within you, more you can chose how to direct your energy and how to change those things that don’t serve your purpose and your well-being. This might of course sound very obvious, but many times we do live disconnected from our body-mind-heart, or we let just one of the three predominate the others. Therefore I believe it’s worth bring this obvious process into print, inspiring you to observe yourself. I see myself many times fumbling in the dark, I’ll run into the same walls and I don’t find the exit, neither do I find the calmness to just patiently wait until the daylight comes. Becoming aware opens up to choice: Do you want to start walking with a lantern or do you continue walking in the dark? Once you have made the decision, maybe you hope that things will solve by themselves or you expect great changes in your life. Universe hears your wishes, that is for sure. However, sustainable changes need both the strength and the sensibility from your side, and some times a lot of patience is required too. Practice will give you that capacity of power and sensitivity!

The practice of yoga and meditation prepares you for life. On your yoga mat or in moment of conscious breathing or meditation you will experiment different metaphors from your own life situations. There you will see and become aware of your fears, your weaker and stronger sides. There you will be able to set your boundaries, or cross over your believed limitations, step out of the box and your confort zone. In a critical moment of stress or in a discussion, if you are able to take a deep breath and check in with yourself before expressing your automatic reaction, then you will now that the practice has worked for you. Practice does not only happen on your mat, but in real situations that provoke conflict for you, and/or in a coaching setting, where you can exercise new patterns and feel them in your body-mind before putting them into practice in real life. Awareness creates choice. Practice creates capacity. You are a soul with a body-mind-heart with so many possibilities to live harmoniously!

Happy November!


Photo: Aron Visuals on Unsplash


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